One of my dear friends recently asked me if I could knit a pacifier clip for one of her friends who is is pregnant with a son affectionately known as "June Bug." This was my favorite kind of challenge. Using the same basic style as my ladybug clip and consulting my Audubon Insect Field Guide, I came up with a bright and colorful pacifier clip.

Green June Beetle, Cotinus nitida

Ten-lined June Beetle, Polyphylla decimlineata

"June bug" is a common name for several different genera from the scarab beetle family. They all have a similar shape, but there's a lot of variation in coloring. The point of that entemological geeky digression was simply to say that after a more accurate attempt, I simply invented this June bug. It's got the scarab shape with an emerald green body and ten shining white pinstripes. I embroidered three colors of stripes before I settled on these, and I like the finished look.

Another aspect which took me a long time to settle on was the color of the vine that the June bug sits on. A green vine would be more accurate, but also cause the beetle to blend in. Just like I chose white stripes to accentuate the emerald color, I went with a bright red for the vine. It's like the ladybug but in reverse!

This June beetle is attacking my pea vines!

View from the back.

Suggested retail: $10.00.