If you have a baby girl, you probably know how annoying it is when people come up to you and exclaim, "Oh, he's so cute! How ya doing, little guy?" Annie and I get this all the time, even if she's wearing a pink shirt or a skirt. When we went places in the winter I'd put a pink hat on her, but that's not an option when it's 90 degrees outside. So here's my summertime solution: flower (and bow) headbands! These are all based on Amy Anderson's "Spring" Baby Headband Pattern, with Susan B. Anderson's flower from her pacifier clip pattern.

This first one is Annie's headband, so it's not currently for sale. However, I do have more of the yarn I used to make it, so I'd be happy to make a similar one to order!

Depending on the weight of the yarn, the flowers can be made in different sizes. Annie's headband is knit with sock-weight yarn with sport-weight petals, resulting in a medium-sized flower. I could custom-make this headband for you for $12.00.

This one I made for fun to see how a knitted bow would look on a headband. I like its simplicity.

Because it is simpler than a full flower headband, I am offering this bow headband for $10.00. As always, you could order a custom headband in your choice of colors for the same price. However, please note that if I don't have the colors you require in stock the price might go up some to cover materials.

This was the first of the headbands I made, and it has already been sold. The flower is larger than the others, although since the photos are older Annie's head is a smaller comparison size.

This flower has two leaves attached under the flower, and stamens embroidered in the center. Those are two more options available for custom orders. If you like this one, I could make this headband for you for $12.00.

And finally, we have this beautiful little green and pink headband. This one is sized nb-9 months, so Annie's head is on the large size for modeling it. The yarn is pretty light-weight, so the flower is the smallest in this collection.

Along with the bow headband, this flower headband is currently unclaimed and up for sale. $12.00 buys you this perfect little girly headband!

*Update: This headband will be for sale locally in Bloomington at the Paper Crane in starting mid-October*

...And just to get your imagination working, I'd love to try custom-making headbands with butterflies or ladybugs or something else entirely. I also have a headband in stock just for boys that I'll be showcasing in the fall, so stay tuned for that!