As I prepare for the Bloomington Handmade Market (coming up on November 6th, mark your calendars now!) I've been building up my supply of gorgeous recycled yarns. Many of the yarns are already in use as I am knitting into items to sell at my BHM booth, but many others will be available to knitters still in yarn form. The pile is growing so large that my home is starting to look like a LYS, or local yarn shop.

There so many delightful varieties of yarns and colors to pick from! Most are wool or wool blends, but there are also some cotton blends available. The yarns are dyed in all colors of the rainbow, and in every colorway from solids to hand-painted variegated (the majority) to large self-striping patterns. I've used drink mixes, tie-dye, and all natural dyestuffs to achieve the colors. Basically, I've got a huge array of yarn in so many types and it is all very exciting!