My garden is being overrun with rabbits!

Many years ago, I knit a toy rabbit for one of my younger siblings. It was really cute, but a lot of work to knit on fine gauge needles. Then I saw a version of this stuffed bunny in a book, based on that same pattern, but sewn from a felted angora sweater. Perfect! I found a white angora/wool sweater which had already been shrunk at Goodwill, took it apart, dyed some of it with tea and some with pink lemonade, and created this herd of rabbits.

Each rabbit is stitched with love, and stuffed with lusciously soft mohair roving.

This white rabbit is the only one with a detailed face. I thought I'd see what colored eyes and a nose looked like. I liked them, but not any more than the plain version. That, and the fact that I broke my felting needle on this rabbit made my decision to leave the other bunnies unadorned an easy one.

You really have to feel these bunnies to appreciate how soft they are.

Suggested Retail: $8.00 each.