Recently I was commissioned to make some cowboy booties for a much-anticipated unborn baby boy named Boaz. When I started sketching out my ideas, I was surprised to discover that there wasn't already a good cowboy boot pattern available. It took me a couple tries to come up with a pattern that I was happy with, but I finally did. Here is the result! I have notes for a 0-3 month set (pictured here), but I want to make it in another size or two before I publish the pattern.

These booties are knit with superwash wool (the dark brown) and hand-spun mohair for the embroidery. The mohair is from my goats, and it was dyed with tea to achieve that pretty tan color. Mohair has a slight sheen to it, so it was a nice contrast with the soft brown of the boot.

On the tops of the boots I embroidered barley shafts to reference Boaz's namesake. I like to imagine the Biblical Boaz in cowboy boots, bringing in the barley harvest.

Suggested Retail: $20.00

P.S. I have more of both of these yarns, and would be open to making some more in sizes other than 0-3 months so that I can iron out the kinks in my pattern. Leather soles will be a little extra, but would be great to turn these into toddler booties!