Here's a really fun knitted toy that I made from one of Susan B. Anderson's patterns. It's a little egg that turns inside out and "hatches" a baby bluebird!

Top of the egg

Bottom of the egg with the reversible edge

... Which flips around and turns into a bluebird!

Generally I'm not a big fan of knitted toys, as ever kid I know has lots of stuffed animals. This toy is way cooler than average, though, because it actually does something. Plus, it's a wonderful size for baby and toddler hands to hold.

Now that I've made a prototype bird according to Mrs. Anderson's pattern, I'd love to make a whole set of birds. I can envision cardinals, robins, gold finches, even parrots! The eggs could be white, speckled, natural colors or even Easter eggs! And while we're at it, the animals that hatch wouldn't necessarily have to be birds - I saw someone online who made a platypus (!) and I could easily make a turtle, lizard or fish.

Suggested Retail: Because this bird is simple and not species-specific, the price is lower than the more complex birds at $14.00.