This Saturday was my first show, at the Indiana Christian Childbirth Expo, conveniently located at our church. It was a good first show, small enough to keep the pressure low, but big enough that I got a good idea of what it would take to set up a booth at a larger arts fair.

This was a very good experience. It pushed me to create nicer business cards, write special order forms and receipts, design a new line of pacifier clips, and come up with creative display ideas. Do you like the hats stuffed with skeins of yarn perched atop curvy drinking glasses?

Plus, doing the ladybug giveaway was way fun. The clip was won by Michelle, a mom of two beautiful baby girls who survived TTTTS last spring. Right now I'm working on making a second so the twins can match :-).

So what's coming up next? In the next few days I'll be publishing a free pattern so you can make that ladybug clip yourself! I'm going to start publishing patterns from time to time on Ravelry, so if you're a knitter there's something to look forward to. By the way, if you are on Ravelry, you should friend me (MrsCollinHobbs) because I currently have no friends and it makes me look kind of lonely.

Also, I'm hoping to get the Scarborough Fair Collection (colorful, hand-painted window herb garden kits) finished soon because my little herb seedlings are going to be ready for potting soon. If you live in the Bloomington area and are interested in growing herbs, let me know. These will be very reasonably priced because I really love to share fresh food with people. You can't get fresher than clipping parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme and throwing them into your supper! (Not to mention cilantro, dill and basil.)

So much to look forward to. Hope you'll stay tuned!