My in-laws are coming tomorrow to visit us and to meet the baby (hooray!), so I might not be posting much for the next couple weeks. I wanted to leave you with a preview of finished projects to look forward to in the upcoming weeks as I prepare for the Christmas season. Think of these photos as "teasers" of what's to come.

More T-Yarn
You've already seen the t-yarn market bags and bag caddy, but I'll have some other new completed projects and project kits available soon. Look for T-yarn hair accessories, bracelets, and of course woven potholders! They're just like the ones you used to make with nylon loopies, except these don't melt when exposed to heat AND come from recycled materials. Win-win!

I'll also be offering make-your-own market bag kits from the t-yarn pictured above. They'll have approximately five balls of t-yarn in coordinating colors, and knitting instructions and tips for how to work with the t-yarn. Since each t-shirt only offers a small amount of yardage, selling kits makes more sense than offering individual balls of yarn.

Pop Tabs
Several friends have been saving pop tabs for me, and I've got some really cool projects lined up for them. Combined with plarn and/or t-yarn they're going to turn into cute flowered hair clips, get worked into those t-yarn bracelets, and hopefully many of them will end up as part of a plarn tote. This one by Cindy from MyRecycledBags has inspired me to try designing my own.

Spool Knitters
As a fiber artist, I'm always making new tools and gadgets for myself. I know lots of other crafty-type people also like nice handmade tools, so this year I'll be offering some really cool spool knitters. These are still in progress, but nearing completion. I can't wait to do a full post on them soon!

More Woven Straps
I'll be showcasing more items woven on my inkle loom, including this guitar strap made with tie-dyed cotton yarn and cassette tape. Look for card-woven pet collars soon too!

Hand-painted wool yarn
I have lots of recycled wool yarn already dyed and ready to be knit or sold as yarn, but I still have a basket full of undyed wool sweaters. Some of them will end up in the warm earthy tones of kool-aid dyes (like the yarn in the center of this photo), and others will be brighter colors from commercial dyes like the yarn I used for the polka-dotted alien hat.

Returning Favorites
Of course, I'll be bringing back many of the most popular items that I made last year, including felted bouncy balls made with my hand-dyed recycled wool yarns. All the balls pictured above are going to turn beautiful squishy colors and still keep their bounciness. Woohoo!

Handwoven Purse
This black purse is a collaboration between me and my sister. She wove the body of the bag on her treadle loom, and I will be weaving the other pieces on my inkle loom. It's going to be really gorgeous.

Tie-dyed Cotton Market Bags
Thanks to a tie-dying party my sister hosted this summer, I was able to dye five sweaters-worth of cotton yarn in brilliant self-striping colors. These yarns have worked their way into several projects, including these beautiful market bags.

So there you go. Lots of projects to look forward to, whether you are looking for inspiration for your own projects, looking to buy a great Christmas present, or just like looking at all the pictures. I know I'm looking forward to finishing and sharing these projects with you!