T-shirt yarn makes really excellent heavy-duty market bags. They don't collapse down as small as a cotton yarn or plarn bag, but they're even better suited to hauling around a watermelon or a small pile of pumpkins. The stretch of the t-yarn and the structure of the net bag expand to fit a huge variety of shapes, and the handles feel good in your hands or on your shoulder.

The sturdy construction of these bags starts with a square base, comes up with netting on the sides, and finish with thick rolled handles.

Many of the t-shirts that went into these bags came from my closet, ones that were too old even for Goodwill but were either too-well loved to just throw away or simply had a bit of life left in them. It's a lot like the patchwork quilts of previous generations: making sure to get the last bit of use left from a nearly worn-out piece of fabric.

Currently I have two of these t-yarn market bags available: one in gradient shades from navy to sky blue, and one in greens, grays, and dark purple.

Suggested Retail: $20