A chullo hat is the traditional Peruvian earflap hat worn up in the Andes mountains. This bag was originally designed by Mary Jane Mucklestone, who looked at a chullo earflap and thought, "That would look great blown way up and turned into a purse!" I loved the idea, and adapted it into this colorful plarn purse.

Five colors of plastic bags went into this purse, four of them from newspaper sleeves, with the green from the large-size Goodwill bags. Thanks go to a neighbor and a friend for saving bags for me and helping me collect a full rainbow of color!

The purse closes with a loop and vintage-button closure.

It is fully lined with an upcycled woven cotton shirt, complete with the shirt pocket for storing your wallet or cell phone.

More than almost anything I've knit recently, people have asked me about this bag. Whether I was working on it at the park or at the doctor's waiting room, people have stopped to take a look and then brought their friends over to see what I was working on. It's a real conversation starter when you think about the new uses you can put to seemingly useless materials!

Suggested Retail: $35