Until a few months ago, I kept most of my knitting tools in a plastic shoe box. This was a little awkward, because the long needles didn't fit inside, and the whole box had a habit of tipping over and spilling everywhere. This summer, I inherited a tool bag and knitting needle roll from my husband's grandmother. The roll was not nearly big enough for all my needles, but gave me the answer to my organizational quandary. Thus, I designed the large needle organizer roll pictured above to suit my needs.

From left to right: An orgainizer roll made from a basmati rice sack, one made from my favorite pair of embroidered blue jeans, and my own roll (not for sale).

All of these knitting needle organizers are made from upcycled fabrics. The label of the linen striped hippie shirt that went into two of the rolls made me smile.

Because these are rather a specialty item and take quite a bit of time to create, I only made two of them to sell. But I do love both of these rolls! The first is made from a basmati rice burlap sack, and lined with linen fabric from a pair of men's pants and the red striped hippie shirt.

This organizer roll closes with a loop from the bag's handle, around a button from a cast-off leather coat.

A close-up of the embroidery on the organizer made from my favorite blue jeans. This roll is slightly longer and heavier-duty than the burlap and linen organizer, and is lined with a pair of my husband's pants. It closes in a similar fashion to the roll above, with a loop made from jeans belt loops and a vintage button.

Both rolls have a lot of pockets, sewn in sizes from 1/2 in. to 4 in. This allows you to tuck away everything from the smallest knitting needles to more awkwardly shaped tools, like small circular needles, stitch holders , or leather thimbles. Basically, anything which is small enough to get lost in a tool bag has a home in this organizer roll. Plus, they both have a small burlap patch into which you can safely place your tapestry needles. I love this feature on mine!

Each knitting needle organizer comes with a free felted stitch marker.

Suggested Retail: $35.00