Here's a really cool item for my fellow knitters: felted bead stitch markers! And for you fun-loving non-knitters, you can also get them as earrings!

These bright marbled balls are solid felt, made from the hand-dyed recycled yarn I've reclaimed from sweaters. To turn them into felt balls I had to tease the spun yarn apart, card it back into a wool roving, and then hand-roll and felt them with soapy water in the sink. I love the contrast of the soft wool beads with the smooth wooden beads.

My husband Collin built me a beautiful stand to display the stitch markers and earrings on. He didn't have a power saw available, so he made all of those mitered cuts by hand. God has given me a very good husband.

The earrings have silver-plated brass hooks. They make for a really fun fashion statement!

Suggested Retail: A set of four stitch markers (suitable for knitting needle sizes 0-7) for $5.00, or a pair of earrings for $5.00. If you'd like stitch markers in a larger size, I can change out the rings for an extra dollar.