Our good friends, Gandalf (yes that's his real name) and Anna are expecting their first baby in early June. We're very excited to meet their little girl, and I loved designing some booties for them.

I chose the two-strap Mary Jane style of Saartje's Booties for these delicate shoes, and knit it with a grey mohair blend. The white yarn on top was yarn I spun from the fleece of my goats, Euodia and Syntyche.

There they are, on my parent's farm, right after their spring haircut a few years ago. That's Tyche on the left, and Dia on the right - a true shepherd can tell one goat from another. Most people don't get to know the names of the animals their clothes came from!

When I was designing booties for Gandalf and Anna's baby I wanted to include both Anna's quiet beauty (she grew up Mennonite) and also allude to the Lord of The Rings because Gandalf's name was too fun to pass up. Green vines wind freely around the booties, with purple flowers both embroidered and sewn on as buttons.

On the sole of the booties I embroidered Gandalf's signature rune - the one the original Grey Wizard used to mark Bilbo's door so all the dwarves would show up for that unexpected party that started all the adventures. I don't expect that this baby will get tangled up with any dragons, but I do know that her birth is going to mean lots of new adventures in the Farnam family!

Suggested Retail: $20.00