I just love sunshine and all the imagery that goes along with its pure light, and so I can't help but feel a certain affinity for sunflowers. Sunflowers rank right up with daisies as the happiest flower ever, and this year we finally grew a lovely successful crop of sunflowers in front of our house. So while I was pregnant with my first daughter, Annie Sunshine, I designed and knitted this little hat for her.

This was a very time-consuming little hat, because every petal (there were nine) had to be knit and stitched on separately, with all the stripes, and then there was a fair amount of embroidery. I really love the way it turned out, however, and it made a terrific Halloween (or Reforween, as we call it in our circles) sunflower costume for Annie!

The Hobbs family at Reforween, 2009

Annie Sunshine, 1 day old

Suggested Retail: $40