In addition to all the things I've been knitting from recycled yarns, I also have been sewing some neat projects from felted sweaters. Most of the sweaters that Ive collected have turned into oven mitts, but I made some sewing needle books from a few of the leftover pieces. I love both the way the books and the photos of them turned out, so I'm going to give you lots of looks at these cool little sewing accessories.

Needle books are a good companion to a pincushion because they don't let the needles sink in and get lost the way they would if you kept your needles in your pincushion. But they're not only great for keeping your regular straight needles - they can accommodate skinny beading needles, curved upholstery needles - even safety pins!

The needle books come in a variety of sizes and keep the coolest features of the sweater they came from (texture, embroidery, pattern, etc.). They all close securely with a snap.

I'll have these six needle books for sale at the Bloomington Handmade Market this weekend, but I have a lot more felted sweaters to work with so the varieties are limitless!
Suggested Retail: $10.00