While taking a break from the species specific birds I've been knitting, I thought I'd knit a fun imaginary bird from the recycled verigated yarns that I've dyed. Therefore, I present to you: A Phoenix Hen. Now, I realize that this doesn't look much like a crazy firey bird, nor like the breed of chicken. Nevertheless, I thought the overall effect looked kind of like what might be the result of a phoenix marrying a chicken. Very cute, if a little odd.

This Phoenix-Hen comes from a robin-blue colored egg.

In this case, the cool blue tones are deceptive. Crack open the egg, and you'll find a firey-red bird!

"Well, my father was a phoenix, and my mother was a hen. But I'm ok with that now."

Suggested Retail: $16.00. This bird will be for sale at the Bloomington Handmade Market on November 6th, come check it out!