I just dropped of a batch of new items at a local art store that will be opening up in Mid-October. That's right, The Paper Crane at 401 W 6th St will be selling some of my items! Not only is it local, it's just down the street from me! I hope you'll all check them out on or after their Grand Opening on October 15th.

Anyway, one of the items I dropped off was this baby chicken. Although in the picture above, he's still hiding in his brown egg. But clearly, there is something different about that egg...

Whoa! I guess that egg hid in the nest a little too long.

Ahhh. It feels good to be out of my shell.

Time to take off and flyyyyyyy!

*Crash* Oops. Ouch. That kinda hurt.

I'm ok, I'm ok! Time to take off and see the world. This chick is on the lam!

(Actually, this chick in in a box at the Paper Crane awaiting the grand opening. But you can go visit him in his new home. Or I can make you a new chick by special order.)

Suggested Retail: $16.00