Yesterday was my daughter Annie's first birthday. (Happy Birthday Annie!) Just in time, I finished the dress I'd been knitting for her all summer.

The dress is from SoKnitPicky's "Flora Dress" pattern. I added straps and buttons and embroidery, but it's very much the same dress. I am so thankful for how many knitters share their patterns for free! (Speaking of which, I have a couple more patterns I'm hoping to publish in the next couple months, so keep an eye out for those.)

I added embroidered flowers on every other panel. The variegated yarn I used for the top worked so well for this!

The bodice is slightly smocked with threaded elastic and the straps are adjustable with two buttonholes, so I'm hoping Annie will get at least two years out of this dress. If she has a growth spurt it will look extremely cute over blue jeans, and when she outgrows it entirely I'm planning on hanging it on the nursery wall. Annie's room is decorated in lots of rich rainbow tones, and this dress will look perfect on the wall!

Suggested Retail: I wanted to put this up on my portfolio just because Annie is so cute and the dress turned out so well. But since it took me a couple months to knit this dress, selling dresses like Annie's isn't really an option. It would need to be about $125 to come close to compensating for the vast amount of time it takes.