She selects wool and flax and works with eager hands. Proverbs 31:13

As a young mother of one baby hobbit, I love spending my days crafting beautiful items out of varied materials. As the seasons change, I find my desires for medium change as well. In the winter, nothing is more soothing than sitting in a rocking chair, watching the snow or freezing rain fall out my window, while knitting bright hats, booties or mittens. As the spring comes, however, I am itching to drop the needles, pack up my baby and head out with my biologist husband to pick and preserve the fresh wildflowers. In the summer I still love to run through the fields like a kid with my butterfly net, catching, spreading, and displaying insects for their beauty rather than classification. Come fall, not only do the autumn leaves offer new artisanal allures, but our garden is bursting with produce begging not only to be eaten, but preserved and crafted as well. And then it starts to get cold and the cycle starts all over again.

When my husband suggested that I start an etsy shop to sell some of my creations, I had trouble deciding on which craft to single out and specialize on. I loved so many – knitting, spinning, painting, papermaking, jewelry making, soap making, herb lore – which to choose? And were there any on which I could spend an entire year without burning out?

The concept of Seasonal Arts made my decision for me. Rather than pick one specialty, I would create collections of seasonally themed, nature inspired items. For example, my first collection consists of hand-dyed knitwear with a bright sunshine motif, perfect for brightening up the late winter doldrums. In the spring and summer, look for items such as pressed flower homemade paper note card sets. If I visit the beach, you can expect to find a collection of sand dollar and shark tooth jewelry. In the fall, there will definitely be a large supply of lovely exfoliating loofah soaps, fresh from our garden. Each season brings fresh possibilities and new joy in bringing the beauty God has created into our homes.

On this blog I will post photos both of things for sale on my etsy shop and of projects I make for my family and friends, along with a suggested retail price. If you see something which catches your eye, feel free to send me an e-mail at:


I would love to make something for you!

Thank you for visiting. I hope you will be inspired, intrigued, and will check back often!

Warm regards,
Kara Hobbs